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Saudi Architects is a full service architectural and planning firm dedicated to provide the highest levels of professional service, design excellence, and individual attention to clients.


Message from CEO Engineer Abdullah Alabdulkareem

Saudi Architects was emerged in the year 1992 to provide all-around highly advanced architectural and engineering consultancy services at a time the kingdom was witnessing an unprecedented urban growth and development. Since then we have been honored to contribute to this growth by carrying out successfully the most important projects, both public and private, some of which are now landmarks. Our mission to achieve design excellence in all of our projects has always been a passion for us, as is our commitment to our clients. Our name is built on a history of honesty, quality, innovation, and professional integrity and we will exert all efforts necessary to maintain this identity that distinguished us.
It is my desire to retain Saudi Architects’ place among the top building design firms in the kingdom and I hope that the coming years will witness more accomplishments and achievements.


























    Saudi Architects has a proven track record of successful urban design and planning within the Gulf region. Services offered include area master planning, precinct and subdivision detailed design and planning, the development of land use regulations and design guidelines, landscape design, the integration of urban planning and urban design with transportation and infrastructure planning and design, and on-going master plan implementation services.
  • Project Management
    Saudi Architects has a proven track record of successful urban design and planning within the Gulf region. Services offered include area master planning, precinct and subdivision detailed design and planning, the development of land use regulations and design guidelines, landscape design, the integration of urban planning and urban design with transportation and infrastructure planning and design, and on-going master plan implementation services.
  • Animation
    Saudi Architects provides 3D Architectural Animation Services using advanced latest 3D software technology like AutoCAD, 3DMax, Cinema 4D, and Ulead Media Studio where Complex engineering concepts come alive. These interactive multi-media presentations allow viewers to literally see the building taking shape, the exteriors down to intricate details such as building material, the environment, the landscaping, trees, roads and neighborhood; the interiors including lights and furniture. The building can be viewed from all perspectives, giving it a photo-realistic dimension.
  • Feasibility Studies
    Before the start of any new or retrofit critical facility construction, it is crucial to determine whether a balance can be found between the needs of the owner's business, the economics of the project and the physical characteristics of the planned construction. Saudi Architects unique combination of skill sets and experiences -as owner, engineer, constructor and integrator - allows them to provide an intelligent, objective study of the proposed project's overall feasibility, resulting in a final determination of whether prudent capital can be applied to meet the performance requirements of the business.
  • Value Engineering
    The application of Value Engineering principles on projects and products can provide effective solutions and alternatives that frequently afford savings ranging from 5 % to 20 % of the overall cost of the product or project. This is accomplished by eliminating extra costs that do not serve the required function or purpose Value Engineering is not a random cost reducing method. Some confuse cost reduction based on cancellation of part of the works, which disrupts the basic factions of the project, with Value Engineering- Value Analysis- Value Management, which is characterized by application of a global view, creative thinking and group work.
  • Consulting Services
    As consultants, we help our clients make better decisions about how they support their people, position their businesses and manage their assets. We connect strategy with implementation and deliver successful, idea-driven solutions that are both realistic and actionable. Whatever the size of the organization, we provide the tools needed to enable future change. Our consultants address real estate and facilities, the workplace, information solutions and business strategy—with the objective of improving organizational performance. Our services include strategic planning, real estate and portfolio analysis, repositioning/relocation analysis, change management and data management.
  • Strategic Visioning
    For over 20 years, people have been seeking Saudi Architects expertise to create long-term solutions to complex design problems. Whether a space plan, building design, master plan, regional vision, preservation study, zoning or permitting problem, Saudi Architects delivers rapid, efficient, cost effective solutions. We can bundle a focused array of services tailored to fit a project's specific needs. Saudi Architects expertise is implemented through a focused, interactive process. Structured around intensive interdisciplinary workshops involving clients and stakeholders, Saudi Architects planners and designers help our clients define problems, set goals, establish programs, take advantage of opportunities, evaluate feasibility and design solutions.
  • Digital Design
    As one of the first architecture firms in the region to recognize the transformative power of computation and its relevance to the practice of architecture, Saudi Architects defined the very nature of the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with the development of AES, a revolutionary software platform that anticipated the widespread adoption of such technology within the profession by more than two decades.Twenty years later, computers have essentially supplanted most of the manual traditions of practice—and so Saudi Architects has turned its interest in the power of the computational paradigm to the more abstract and creative processes of design and the manifestation of performative intelligence in the built environment.
  • Branded Environment
    The Branded Environments group of Saudi Architects helps clients get closer to their customers. Branded Environments has delivered strategic brand communications, sales tools and environments for the nation's most recognized brands. Many companies have benefited from branded environment innovations. This research-driven creative service is recognized for leveraging design as a corporate asset. Compelling two and three-dimensional contact points are created to communicate the company's brand, enhance culture and achieve corporate goals. A dedicated, multi-disciplinary team includes specialists in strategic consulting, brand development, research, marketing communications, graphic design and interior architecture.
  • Project Control
    Project Control guides clients through every stage of the construction process. For each individual owner, Project Control tailors its services to meet the needs and desires of the owner. The following list represents a general description of services offered to owners.
  • Geographic Information
    Early on, Saudi Architects identified the tremendous potential of the GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS technology, and thus, made a commitment to promote, support and implement this technology in the areas and fields of its operation. The Saudi Architects GIS Services division brings to any project the depth of experience and expertise of its staff in GIS technology, database development, and application design and development. Saudi Architects GIS approach is based on database technology that enables flexible and efficient use of information normally contained in maps to support a wide variety of applications.
  • Information Technology
    The Information Technology (IT) department at Saudi Architects was originally assigned the role of building, and continuously upgrading, the information tools, infrastructure and services that enable timely and effective answers to meet all Saudi Architects Management's visions and requirements. Saudi Architects Management took a very brave decision in adopting the computer for automating and executing the internal financial work, and also in assisting the all the engineering departments to solve their sophisticated calculations and design problems. Accordingly, many engineering programs were developed, and the MIS was introduced by the created Data Processing department.

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